Saturday, April 11, 2009


Akshaya Trithiya is a highly auspicious day which falls on the third day after the New Moon (Amavasi) in the Hindu Month. Akshayam means “ growth”. In the tamil month of Chithirai, the thruthiyai which falls in the Shukla Paksham (valar pirai) is called Akshaya Thruthiyai. Thrythiyai occurs ever month, but the one in Chithirai is celebrated specially. On every thruthiyai, Chandra darisanam is considered auspicious. This year 2009, Akshaya Tritiya falls on 27th April, Monday.
There are numerous legends associated with Akshaya Tritiya; most popular is that :
Kuchela, the poor friend Of Krishna went to see Krishna with some aval (poha) tied in his upper cloth. Kannan welcomed Kuchela happily and putting a handful of poha in his mouth uttered the word “Akshayam”. At once, the humble abode of Kuchela became a palace & he became a very prosperous man.
Another legend is that Parasurama, the sixth avatara of Vishnu was born on this day.
Another legend suggests that the Pandavas received the Akshaya Pathram (bowl) from Lord Krishna (in the Mahabharata) on this day.
Lakshmi is supposed to have chosen this day to worship Lord Kubera on this day, to be blessed with Kubera Sampath.
Any new venture started on this day will last long and well.
It does not end there, it is the most ideal day to do charity, help the physically challenged, do financial helps for higher studies for needy, deserving people as well.
It is said that giving curd rice to others improves longevity of life.
Distribution of sweets, helps to get over the obstacles in getting married. Distribution of grains and cereals, prevents accidents and untimely death. By giving cattle feed, prosperity will increase.
So, let us do good deeds on this auspicious day and pray for good things in life.

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