Saturday, April 9, 2011


Sleep is most important for maintenance of health and longevity for the human beings. It is appropriately called 'Jagaddhatri ' because of its mechanism of overcoming wear and tear of the body due to physical work and mental stress and tissue loss. Numerous researches have shown the adverse effects of lack of sleep on mind and body.

  • One should sleep with head to the east or north.

  • The bedroom should be absolutely clean, well ventilated and free from noise and disturbance.

  • The bed must be neat clean and free from bugs.

  • The bedroom should be draught free.

  • One should avoid sleep when the brain is excited e.g. after reading, thinking, drinking etc.

  • The mind must be as free from worldly affairs and worries as possible while going to bed.

  • This may be achieved by praying to God at the time of going to bed.

  • Sleeping late at night leads to ill health.

  • A minimum of 7 hours sleep is required in 24 hours to repair the wear and tear of the body.

  • Sleep during the day should be avoided as far as possible. However, if one keeps awake at night, he can take some sleep in the daytime. Day sleep is not contraindicated in summer but in winter the day sleep increases kapha thereby causing respiratory and digestive troubles.

  • It is advisable to massage the head, soles and palms with oil before going to bed. By massage dreams can be controlled.

Lets follow the tips and have a very good peaceful sleepy nights............:-))